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December 27, 2016
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How to Reach Baby Boomers Using Social Media

reach baby boomers using social media networks

Learn How to Reach Baby Boomers Using Social Media Networks

It seems like a mammoth of a task. Many marketers are still under the guise that the aging demographic is behind the curve when it comes to technology. But believe it or not, there is a significant effort you can put towards marketing to the Baby Boomer generation online. Seniors are logging online more frequently than many assume. It has become much easier to reach baby boomers using social media networks.

Are you a traditionalist? Do you firmly believe that an aging population is reached through channels relevant to them? Television, newspapers, and magazine are valid avenues. However, a growing number of adults are surfing the internet instead.

How Many?

Marketing firm DMN3 recently conducted a survey. The study aimed to find out how the demographic utilizes its online sphere. The results were intriguing. A staggering 82.3% of the older population participates in social media of some form. Of that bracket, the most popular social media platform is Facebook.

That means that over half of the senior population is on Facebook alone. Comparatively, other platforms found usage as low as 18% on Instagram, and 24% on Pinterest.

Twitter and LinkedIn were found not have large numbers of users older in their age. In addition, according to a study done by the Pew Research Center, the rate at which baby boomers are using social media has increased in the last decade. In 2006, only 2% of the age group was using some form of social media.

So what can we learn from this? Facebook has become the key. But, not the only key that fits the lock.

Logging in, or opening the app will not necessarily create conversion rates that equal skyrocketing sales. Much of the aging population spends an average of 11 hours per week on Facebook.

Create Brand Loyalty

To reach the aging in place demographic, marketers should also focus on the target audience. What does this audience value?

Research shows that unlike their millennial counterparts, the Baby Boomer population will not easily fall for gimmicky videos or glamor shots.

Millennials are more willing to skip an ad and dismiss a banner ad. This is before they click. The illusion of value works on Millennials. Whereas for Baby Boomers, products and services must display this attribute before consideration beings.

While you can catch the attention of any millennial with a snappy message, older generations find distrust in such quick sales techniques. Many shy away from banner ads and elevator pitches. Instead, they find brand loyalty in great customer experiences online. If the interactions on Facebook are well received, the Baby Boomer will be more likely to stay with the brand.

They prefer to put the time in to understand and know the brand or the product.


Content that’s Relevant

Remember to make content on the platform relevant to the audience at hand. AARP has made efficient use of its rebranding to highlight the benefits of the golden years.

Rather than selling a demeaning feeling. They use terms such as “life re-imagined” and “you’ve still got it” to cater to the aging population. With a bold print and relevant content, the organization is utilizing the needs of the audience and catering to them conveniently.

Create content similar to AARP in offering videos that play at a slower pace, or contain brighter fonts and colors.

Conversions – Followers to Customers

How should this information be translated into useful targeting? Good question. Take a look at a study recently conducted by Sprout Social, in regards to a customer’s journey.

The study found that while Baby Boomers are drastically different in platform usage, they tend to be the same or similar to other generations in engagement. Most, 55%, will follow a brand before they make a decision to purchase.

It pulls from the core value of trust. If the customer trusts the brand they follow, they will be more prone to continue purchasing from the source.

However, the report also shows us that the older population prefers an equal proportion of promotions and deals, versus informational content. Grow the content for your brand. But remember the whipping out your AARP card for a quick discount at dinner is just as appealing as the calming images in a promo video.

The aging in place demographic is known to be a bit more thorough with their buying habits. Especially when compared to their younger counterparts.

Baby Boomers will research a product, read reviews and product descriptions much sooner than they click ‘Add to Cart.’ Provide enough information on your landing pages. Make the informed decision easy for your older clientele.

In the survey mentioned previously done by DMN3, most users clicked on the company’s website for more information. Or, they conducted more research on a search engine.


Remember to not put all your eggs in the same basket. While a large majority of the aging and homebound population is on Facebook, many will only log on monthly. Create brand loyalty and keep their values in mind – of good customer service, loyalty, and quality over quantity.

While followers do not always translate into customers, work to cultivate the followers into brand loyalist and community ambassadors.

If you’re interested in social media marketing for a senior audience, let us know.

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Anna Palij
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