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June 19, 2017
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July 10, 2017

Is Content Marketing Effective for Reaching Senior Citizens?

content marketing to reach senior citizens

Should You Use Content Marketing to Reach Senior Citizens?

It may surprise you, but grandma and grandpa are online. And they aren’t just looking at their granddaughter’s latest cat photo post on Facebook –although Facebook is the highest used social media platform for senior citizens. Using content marketing to reach senior citizens is possible.

While many do spend a good amount of time surfing social media posts, the aged audiences are growing, and with them, the demand for content.

It is easy to put out generic content that may fall prey to a younger generation. But when reaching the senior citizens of your audience, try for a more candid approach.

Going Online

The key to reaching the aging demographic is content. More and more Baby Boomers are finding their information online. In fact, according to a survey done by Google, in partnership with research firm Ipsos, “The Internet is an everyday part of boomers’ and seniors’ lives; it is the top source for gathering information on topics of interest, outpacing TV and print media by a substantial margin.”

The Internet, when ranked with other sources of information, came out on top. A staggering 83% reported using the web as their go-to place for information on topics of interest. This just marginally followed by friends and family at 77%.

According to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center, most seniors use the internet as a part of their routine day-to-day. Three-quarters of older adults are online every day – 17% are logging in once a day. Bottom line – reaching the aging demographic is not a novelty.

The Major Difference

Content marketing is vividly important to targeting the aged population. While younger counterparts are more apt to click, share, post and tag impulsively, the same can’t always be said for seniors.

Consumers in their later years are looking for a personal connection. No, they don’t need to garb coffee before they follow your brand. But they do want a level of interaction that isn’t required by young generations. According to a LinkedIn article by Gary Bedi, “Another big part of marketing to seniors is forming a personal connection and relationship that builds trust and confidence in your brand.”

One of the easiest ways of going about creating that personal connection is changing your language. If the content you publish sounds like “we,” chances are several people did not write the article. As stated in Content Equals Money, a simple way to diversify your content is to write from the first person. By writing advice or commentary in the first person, you can draw the reader into your personal story.

Choosing Content

Choosing relevant content may be the most difficult portion of marketing to seniors. According to a small business article on Yahoo!, seniors are spending primarily on books, skin treatments, ongoing educational opportunities, skin treatments, cosmetic surgeries, vacations, cruises and exercise facilitates.

How on earth can you filter through that mess?

If you aren’t on the list that made it, consider including the audience in your content. If you are a physical therapy center, consider sharing advice on exercise moves you can do from home. Moreover, use a video which depicts the action.

Keep in mind, that while other demographics, like Millennials, for instance, may prefer promoted services. As stated in a article, “research is showing that [senior citizen] demographic prefers images and stories, rather than promoting services.” Tell the viewer about the type of exercise, for example, and how it helped another client back to health.

Have You Seen This?!

As stated in the Google survey and, “Over half of boomers and seniors watch online video, with YouTube reported as the preferred site with 82% of video watchers using it.” YouTube is an opportunity just looking for an opportunist. Remember, there are also other video content websites like Vimeo. Either is easy to use and upload information through.

Describing your product directly to the consumer is a quickly growing version of content creation. Just remember to show colorfully, clearly and calmly. Keep in mind that this audience may perceive content slightly different than the average internet user of a younger age.

In Summary

Reaching the senior citizen market and baby boomer demographic isn’t rocket science. It takes a little bit of understanding and patience to deliver content. Relevant content to them includes information and guides, not just gimmicky sales and promotions. It may include an option to speak with the company or to ask a general question. Engagement will keep your aging demographic interested.

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